Strategic counseling in nutrition

Thanks to appropriate choices in terms of scientific and communication policies, your company and your products can settle down a credible, original and attractive positioning for your customers and consumers, but also distributors and institutional partners.

The challenge is also to improve your offer and your practices to ensure your long-term presence in the field of health & nutrition.

In this context, we offer you

  • our dual academic and industrial experience
  • our knowledge of the field of food, health & nutrition
  • our extensive network in France, Europe and around the world

to advise you in your strategic choices and approaches, and to help you build a strong, long-lasting positioning and win-win partnerships.


Examples of services:

  • Support in your R & D decisions
  • Support in your choices of health marketing positioning
  • Contacts with institutional representatives and authoritative bodies to help your decision-making
  • Participation in your scientific committees
  • Risk analysis