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FENS 2019 - 13th European Nutrition Conference

FENS 2019 - 13th European Nutrition Conference
Dublin, 15-18 October 2019

During the scientific conference organized in Dublin by the FENS (Federation of European Nutrition Societies;, Véronique Braesco will speak during a symposium hosted by Mondel─ôz International, on October 16th.

This symposium entitled “Mindful eating – benefits and science-based consumer approaches for sensible snacking” will be chaired by Prof. Marion Hetherington.  

Dr. Jean Kristeller and Dr. Véronique Braesco will respectively present the impact of mindful eating on eating habits and the applicability of mindfulness to snacking practices.

Then, Dr Sophie Vinoy will share latest advances in research regarding an industry proposal to design portion-controlled satisfying snacking options.

Participants to the FENS meeting are welcomed to attend.

Author : V. Braesco. October 2019.


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